Iran Upstream Investment Outlook

The Upstream Investment Outlook (UIO) tracks and forecasts the 5-year outlook in terms of upstream investment, OFS spending and active rigs.

Offering a comprehensive analysis on the Iran Oil and Gas Upstream, this report can provide all the required useful information about upstream investment trends in Iran.

Different scenarios based on political activities are considered and covered in the report. The results of the scenarios are discussed with expert opinion on current situation status along with historical data. Upstream Investment Outlook report is a detailed study on the global investment, historical study of Iran upstream market trends, five-year investment outlook, and investment opportunities.

This Report contains data and due diligence analysis from PetroView based on the most reliable national and international reports.

It is a monthly report forecasting prices for key crude grades and oil products based on Persian Gulf FOB, up to 24 months into the future.

IRO includes the historical data published by Platts, the price outlook based on a model developed by PetroView (ESPM), and the margin outlook of Iranian refineries.