Strategic Partner

Accredited by well-established international bodies and built on well over half a century of active presence in Iran’s economic and industrial environment, the Industrial Management Institute is a pioneer in the fields of consulting, training, and management research. IMI seek to help develop Iran’s management capacity, transform/improve organizations, and achieve national economic and social development goals, through promoting the theoretical knowledge and skills needed by the current and future leaders, managers, and experts of organizations across the country.

Given the necessity of integrated management of water, energy, food, and environment, as well as considering the mission and roadmap of the Sharif University of Technology (SUT) for the sustainable development of the country, the Sharif Energy, Water and Environmental Institute (SEWEI) was established in 2019 by merging the Sharif Energy Research Institute, the Institute of Water and Energy, and the Research Institute of Biotechnology and Environment.

An INIF regulated fund focused on investing in products and companies, providing guarantees and promotion of innovative activities within the oil industry.

Energic is an oil and energy innovation center that was launched by Apadana Ventures, at the Petroleum Engineering Faculty of Amirkabir University of Technology. The spaces of this center are dedicated to the establishment of entrepreneurs, SMEs companies and representatives of large companies in the energy sector.