Iran Upstream Projects Report

Get a wide perspective on Iran's upstream projects through accurate and fact-based analytics.

Based on our wide-range databases, Iran Upstream Projects report provides comprehensive view, actionable analysis and deep dive into Iran upstream sector.

It is a semiannual report completely exploring the country's upstream oil and gas projects field-by-field, preparing the precisely qualitative and quantitative data such as the scope of works, contractual issue, WBS, CBS, operational details, the number of development and workover wells.

With the main focus on investigating the EPC/D, IPC, and BuyBack contracts throughout total Iran's projects, IUP includes the industry's key trends, the main players, and the portfolio of the active developers and drilling contractors.

Iran Rig Report

Get a timely and comprehensive overview of the Iranian land/offshore rig activity and regional upstream sector.

Focusing on Iran upstream industry, Iran Rig Report provides you with the latest data about the details of the current drilling operation which you need to evolve your strategy and make decisions.

It is a bimonthly report which contains the active drillers, highlights the key trends of Iran’s drilling industry, and explores the best opportunities.

IRR includes the active offshore and land drilling rigs, the detailed operators' profile, insights into the most recent drilling data, contract types, well types, drilling zone operation, and regions.

Iran Upstream Investment Outlook

The Upstream Investment Outlook (UIO) tracks and forecasts the 5-year outlook in terms of upstream investment, OFS spending and active rigs.

Offering a comprehensive analysis on the Iran Oil and Gas Upstream, this report can provide all the required useful information about upstream investment trends in Iran.

Different scenarios based on political activities are considered and covered in the report. The results of the scenarios are discussed with expert opinion on current situation status along with historical data. Upstream Investment Outlook report is a detailed study on the global investment, historical study of Iran upstream market trends, five-year investment outlook, and investment opportunities.

This Report contains data and due diligence analysis from PetroView based on the most reliable national and international reports.